If I don’t have a professional CPA financial statement can I still get a Bid, Payment and Performance Bond?

If you don’t have a professional CPA financial statement can you still get a Bid, Payment and Performance Bond? The answer is YES! It is a quick and easy application process, we can help walk you through the process. We have several surety markets that can secure a Bid, Payment, and Performance Bond without Professional CPA financials. You may be limited to the size of project, usually up to $500,000. You will need to fill out an easy 3 page application  and include a personal financial statement along with the latest In-House financial statement from your company. We can provide a personal financial statement form if you need one. The time frame to get the bond back to you is usually 36 hours or less.

If you have any questions or Bond needs please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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